The Nature Conservation and Protected Areas conference has become the principal conference of government agencies, NGOs, community-based organisations, donor agencies and individual experts concerned with conservation science and practice in the Pacific Islands region. The conference is the key opportunity to set a Pacific based and initiated agenda for Pacific conservation for the next four – seven years.

This agenda must align both with the National Biodiversity Strategies identified by Pacific members, as well as with global conservation commitments that Pacific members are Party to, in particular the Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD) as well as other environment related international agreements.

Each conference has generated an Action Strategy as a guiding framework for Nature Conservation for the following 4-7 years. The Action Strategy or Framework is the key over-arching or cross-cutting strategy for biodiversity conservation in the Pacific Islands Region. It is an important guide for Pacific island countries and territory governments, NGOs and regional organisations to better align and harmonise their work around an agreed conservation strategy that meets both global and national objectives and can be used to leverage funds from donor partners.

The subsequent conference has reviewed progress achieved against the Action Strategy before defining a new strategy for Pacific regional priorities for the years ahead.

View the current Framework for Nature Conservation and Protected Areas 2014-2020