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Bushfires in New-Caledonia


This may be the greatest cause of destruction of natural habitats in New Caledonia. The flames reduce each year a little more of our precious forests, our future water resource and contribute to climate change through the release of greenhouse gases. The year 2017 alone corresponds, with more than 24,000 hectares burned, to the surface stripped by mining in 150 years, and to an estimated release of 391,000 teqCO2, or 5.2% of the country's total emissions that year.


In this context, alert systems and precise monitoring of environmental impacts both appear essential: this is how the geoportal Vulcain was created in 2017 by the OEIL. Based on satellite fire detection, it sends alert emails, and allows fine analysis of lost ecosystems, endangered species, etc. As of 2020, this free service is also available in Fiji.


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Fabien Albouy - Observatory of the environment in New-Caledonia - OEIL

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