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Regional Framework for Conservation

The Framework for Nature Conservation and Protected Areas in the Pacific Islands Region is a key regional strategy document for environmental conservation in the Pacific. Its purpose is to guide broad strategic guidance for nature conservation planning, prioritisation, and implementation in our region. It reflects the urgent need for coordinated actions across the Pacific region to address both contemporary environmental crises, and emerging threats to Pacific environments, communities, and economies.  

The Framework identifies the various responsibilities of stakeholders in its implementation, on its governance arrangements, and on monitoring and reporting of regional progress. Recognising the importance of alignment with other relevant multilateral instruments and agreements, the Strategic Objectives of the Framework are linked to key global environment and development frameworks.


The review and inputs into the Framework are provided by the participants of the conference. However, recognising the important role of youth into decision-making processes as current and future leaders, one of the aims of the conference is to drive action and transformative initiatives for Pacific youth to participate to the objectives of the 10th Pacific Islands Nature Conference including inputs into the Framework.

The implementation of the Framework is primarily the responsibility of Pacific Island countries and territories, supported by the member organisations of the Pacific Islands Roundtable for Nature Conservation (PIRT) and other regional and domestic conservation partners and funders.

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