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Bring the nature conservation community and interested public from your country together and become a Pacific Nature Conference Local Hub.

Together you can plan and host one or more local events within your country and as such help strengthen our regional connection with your country. Through the Local Hubs we hope to facilitate interaction between and with Pacific people, both locally and regionally.


Hub events could do various things such as:

  • Streaming the conference live and inviting the nature conservation community and the public to attend; and/or

  • Holding a local event to encourage showcasing nature conservation action and related resilience and to discuss the Pacific initiated conservation agenda for beyond 2020. This can be in the period running up to the conference or on the morning of Thursday 26th of November (during the conference).

We encourage Hubs to be creative!


Interested organisations are requested to:

  • Inform the conference organisation (through the email:  ) about their intention to set-up a hub and provide a brief description of the ideas.

  • Work actively together with other organisations in the country that share the same ambition to become a conference Hub.


Interested organisations are responsible for:

  • Planning, funding and coordinating the local event(s).

  • Take photos and videos to share with the conference.

  • Advertise and promote the event locally.

  • Document and share the in-country experiences on the data and story gallery of the conference (following the related guidelines).


The conference organisers will:

  • Connect organisations within one country,

  • Provide non-financial support from a distance,

  • Use the provided experience materials in the marketing of the conference and in the virtual showcasing of pacific nature conservation.



There is no deadline but don’t forget to start early and allow time for planning.


Set up your local events in an eco-responsible way

As conference organisers, we are concerned about the environmental impacts of our activities and want to lead by example by promoting events that aim at developing and implementing green and sustainable initiatives that reduces environmental impacts. Please help us to:

  1. Reduce waste created by supplying and consuming food and drinks and promote sustainable produce.

  2. Reduce waste created by events exhibits, presentations and other documents and promote reusing and recycling materials.

  3. Reduce waste created by accommodation.

  4. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by travel.

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