Purpose and scope of this Framework

Nauru Anibare coastline © Stuart Chape

The purpose of the Pacific Islands Framework for Nature Conservation and Protected Areas 2021-2025 is to provide broad strategic guidance for conservation initiatives undertaken by all stakeholders in the region. It does this by:

  • Articulating a shared vision for nature conservation in the Pacific, with an emphasis on the interdependence of environmental, social-cultural and economic domains.

  • Identifying regional Strategic Objectives to guide conservation action in the Pacific, and focusing this work towards priority issues for the region.

  • Providing an intermediary or bridging function between global and national environmental frameworks.

  • Providing relevant guidance on best practice to stakeholders and conservation practitioners.

  • Ensuring coordination and collaboration between entities involved in conservation in the Pacific.

  • Encouraging mobilisation of partnerships and resources to address priority conservation issues for the Pacific.

The Framework is not a prescriptive document, and does not replace the fundamental rights and responsibilities of Pacific Island countries and territories for planning, prioritising, and implementing their own nature conservation and environmental management regimes.