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Strategic Objectives 2021-2025

Nauru, Anibare - Stuart Chape

Scope and purpose of the Strategic Objectives

The Strategic Objectives are broad priorities for nature conservation action in the Pacific. Work done within the areas of the Strategic Objectives, in a manner reflecting the Principles for Conservation Implementation, will contribute to progress towards the 30-year Vision and

Goals of the Framework.

The purpose of the Strategic Objectives is to provide a coordinated strategic approach to conservation across jurisdictions in the Pacific region. Decisions around national goals, targets and indicators for their implementation are the responsibility of Pacific governments, supported by their partners.

Each Strategic Objective is accompanied by Action Tracks, representing the priority areas for implementation; summaries of Key Conservation Challenges for each Action Track; and Overviews of Best Practice for work undertaken within each Action Track. This best practice guidance applies the Principles for Conservation Implementation to the achievement of the Strategic Objectives.

Strategic Objectives for Pacific conservation 2021-2025:

1) Empower our people to take action for nature conservation, based on understanding of its importance for our cultures, economies, and communities.

2) Integrate environmental and cultural considerations into the goals, processes, and trajectories of economic development in the Pacific.

3) Identify, conserve, sustainably manage and restore ecosystems, habitats, and priority natural and cultural sites.

4) Protect and recover threatened species and preserve genetic diversity, focusing on those of particular ecological, cultural and economic significance.

5) Manage and reduce threats to Pacific environments and drivers of biodiversity loss.

6) Grow Pacific capacity and partnerships to effectively monitor, govern and finance nature conservation action.

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